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in the conclusion to kings heartwarming tale we pick back up with Bobby's other best friend Sully- John who by this time in 1993 is a grizzled war veteran from Vietnam. Sully is talking to his old sergeant  Dieffenbaker after their attendance of another war buddy's death. amidst their talking the subject comes up to Sully's once girlfriend turned terrorist Carol Gerber, who's anti war terrorism campaign was stopped short when a house she and her camapigning friends were staying at was ambushed, shot to pieces, and then burnt down as a result of the shootout that ensued although her body was not found there were traces of her blood found in the run down shambles of the house. Sully soon after leaves and is on the freeway when a grand piano falls from the sky and nearly crushes him.Sully exits the car and sees a plethera of objects plummeting from the sky all around varying in size. he then sees another veteran from his unit that was killed in the fighting and walks forward to embrace his fallen comrade. Dieffenbaker is reading the paper and finds out to his sorrow that Sully suffered a fatal heart attack while stuck in traffic on the freeway. We now jump all the way back to Harwich Connecticut where a much older Bobby is attending Sully's funeral. As he sits and recollects n his time in Harwich with his friends, a familiar face visits him. The voice belongs to Carol who has assumed a new life and name of Denise Schoonover. the two then begin chatting then Carol hands Bobby his old baseball glove which he assumed was stolen after he left it by a tree. he discovers that it was delivered by none other then ted due to the extremely old fashioned mailing stamp and zoning label. Bobby then returns the glove to the tree's base once more and sits with Carol until the sun comes up.

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in the newest edition of hearts in Atlantis the book is shifted away from  Bobby and centers on the kids lives as they grow older. This section focuses on a man named Pete Riley, a freshman at the university of Maine at the high friction points of the war in Vietnam. Although very intelligent, especially in English Pete is caught up in heartsmania a dorm wide hearts competition that engulfs nearly every boy in Pete's dorm. All the while Pete has begun seeing Bobby's friend Carol, who has become a very large activist in the war, which makes Pete question his stance on Vietnam. Heartsmania slowly takes its toll on the boys'grades forcing them to drop out and join the draft, Pete and his remaining dorm mates are confronted by the schools deans who inform them they will be kicked out of their dorm for lack of passing grades which sparks a silent revolution in the boys, who decide to quit hearts and focus on their schooling. Most of the remaining hearts players pass and graduate, including Pete but he is greeted with heart breaking news that Carol is moving back home which devastates Pete and cannot convince her to stay. later on a much older Pete finds out that his ex Carol had become a terrorist of sorts to stop the war effort such as detonating a bomb in a college chemistry building which killed four people.

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in the newest chapter of hearts in atlantis Bobby finds that while accidentally making contact with Ted that he has inherited a strange gift of clairvoyance as he demonstrated at a boardwalk game at an amusement park. Bobby continues to question Teds past but is derailed when three middle schoolers arrive with the intention of taking his and his friend Carols money. They are rescued by a friend of Carols mother but unfortunately for Carol the three middle schoolers beat her up and dislocate her arm with a bat. Bobby finds her and takes her to Ted, who bandages her up and resets her arm. Bobbys mother walks in from a business trip and after surveying the scene of ted resetting Carols arm goes under the false pretense that Ted is abusing Carol and Bobby. after a fight ms. Garfield bans Ted and Bobby from seeing eachother and forces Ted to leave. Bobby, distraught at his friend leaving attempts to track Ted down to go with him, but he only ends up getting him and Ted captured by the lowmen Ted warned about, Ted manages to talk the lowmen out of taking Bobby back to their realm but sadly Ted is taken back. After Ted is taken Bobby begins to take up a life of crime, going so far as to beat up one of the boys that dislocated Carols arm.


hearts in atlantis

We begin another book in the Stephen King library with Hearts In Atlantis. The book ties in with Kings other books The Gunslinger and Black House. The story begins with Bobby Garfield, an eleven year old boy with a widowed mother who lives in a small apartment .Bobby's life is plenty normal until Ted Brautigan shows up and moves in to the apartment above Bobby and his mother.To his mothers chagrin, Ted and Bobby bond beautifully over literature and Bobbys friends take to Ted as well.Bobby and Ted develop a great friendship, but Ted gives Bobby a very strange warning, one that makes Bobby wonder about Teds past, Ted warns Bobby of the lowmen, low in the sense of stupid or strange, not much is known about the lowmen except for that they are known to wear yellow coats, drive ridiculous cars complete with ridiculous music, and are almost always seen in packs of three or four could Bobby and his mothers life be in danger?


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 After accidentally poisoning and killing his mother the Mercedes killer (aka Brady Hartsfield) finally snaps coming to the conclusion that it was Hodges Fault his mother died. Brady decides to get some payback and finally put the homemade plastic explosives and send Hodges out with a bang. But when a mix up occurs and instead Hodges love interest Janey Patterson is killed in the explosion, its finally time for Bill and Brady to meet and end Brady's reign of terror once and for all. Teamed up with neighbor Jerome and Janey's cousin Holly, Bill decides to track down Brady. But Brady has a new target to wreak havoc on and also intends to go out with a bang himself, along with a few thousand other people.

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the tension and the body count have been turned  up in the latest development of the Mr. Mercedes book. Thankfully for Bill Hodges and his friend Jerome the Mercedes killer (AKA Brady Hartsfield) did not poison family dog Odell, the story delves a little deeper into Brady's earlier life and talks about his brother Frankie and his unfortunate choking accident involving an apple slice which amounted to permanent brain damage. sadly for Frankie Brady's mother having to deal with piling debt and a brain damaged son,she and Brady decided to take things into their own hands. Back in the present, contrary to his words, Brady has stakes out a new location to wreak havoc on, but he'll have to deal with Bill first so Brady decides to leave him a present in his car when he emerges from a funeral. But Bill isn't the target

Mr. Mercedes (continued)

in the latest development in the Mr. Mercedes book, hero Bill Hodges picks up a new lead on the Mercedes killer through a chat site called under Debbie's blue umbrella in which he contacts the killer through text. Hodges has enlisted the help of his next door neighbor and pre- ivy leaguer Jerome Robinson, and the sister of one of the Mercedes killers victims Janey Patterson together they attempt to track down the Mercedes killer and finally bring him to justice but what they don't know is that the Mercedes killer has a few tricks up his sleeve and a knowledge for lethal doses of poison.

Mr. mercedes

Mr. mercedes is a thrilling crime and horror novel by Stephen king which revolves around a retired ex detective named Bill Hodges toying with the idea of suicide until he recieves a letter from one of his unsolved cases called the mercedes killer who mocks BIll detailing how he made a clean getaway Bill comes out of retirement and with the help of two mismatched allies begins his hunt for the mercedes killer before his next act kills thousands the book has gripped me from page one and only draws me in even more with each turn of the page Stephen king gives a very eerie atmosphere in the book and plenty of suspense to keep reading on